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Registration is open for our newest course.

1033 & 921 – Putting it Together, July 18-21 in Tampa, Florida.

The Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigators, NFPA 1033, mandates that an investigator have up-to-date training in 16 areas. This International Advanced Fire, Arson and Explosion Training Program hits all 16 and how they relate to NFPA 921. Learn more…


ISFI216 – International Symposium on Fire Investigation Science & Technology

the deadline to submit abstracts to ISFI 2016 has been extended to May 2, 2016.  Check out the conference website here.

Both of these programs completely fulfill the NAFI-CFEI recertification requirements.

7 Thoughts on “Survey – Thank you.”

  1. How about some west coast, Las Vegas training. It’s a 2000 dollar pop for me to get there. Thanks

  2. We hear you. We’re working on some west coast options for 2017 and beyond – we were just in Seattle last month, we’ll be in Arizona in September 12-14, 2016. Unfortunately, while Las Vegas has been on some of our recent city search lists, the high costs to NAFI for meeting space and catering has largely knocked it out of consideration.

  3. Try sunset station in Henderson. It’s a sort drive from Vegas airport. The Nevada chapter has used this forum in the past. Also The Orleans is another option.
    Duane Lemons

  4. There should be a 1033 specific class covering the 16 skills, in detail, taught by fire focused attornies. This will address any weaknes an individual may have in a particular area to eliminate what is largely a self study system at this time. Personally, I spend at least 30 hours per month preparing for a wide range of questions, which may never get asked at deposition or trial. I gladly make this commitment to ensure my place in the industry but find “standardization of the standard” would be far more beneficial for many of us. The “above high school level” phrase is too broad in my opinion. We need to set ground rules for ALL involved to include attornies, not just allow fire investigators to be the target for exclusion on technicalities and “interpretation” of 1033- in my humble opinion. (see recent article “Suppressing the Burn” widely circulated over the past 2 weeks)

  5. I have attended several conferences in Vegas. But the second hand smoke is getting a bit much. The conference centers are great but walking through the casinos to your rooms is really bad. Several people at my last conference stated they would prefer a non smoking place for conferences and don intend to go back to Vegas even if it means loosing CEU. It would be my preference to hold conferences in a healthy environment. We get exposed enough on the job. Just a thought for your future conference location.

  6. Another possibility for Las Vegas could be the Alexis Park. They have meeting rooms and it’s not a casino. Many places near for lunch outside of the hotel. Been to many conferences there and imagine it would be cheaper than some places you may have looked into. Also won’t have to worry about the second hand smoke issue as this is not a casino. There are a couple places on the strip that are non-gaming too.

  7. How about Portland, OR or Sacramento, CA and not just a totally destination resort place. Also Reno, Carson City, Lake Tahoe?
    Thanks for having the well attended Seattle Conf. My employee went and enjoyed the experience.

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