Preamble: Fire investigation is an honorable profession based on service, research, knowledge, preparation, experience, technical know-how and ethical standards. In recognition of the dedicated professional men and women who serve the world as Fire Investigators under the American system of "Justice Under the Law," the National Association of Fire Investigators has established a Creed and Code of Ethics, which is binding upon all of its members. Each member agrees as follows:

  1. As a Fire Investigator, I will at all times conduct myself accordingly to this Code of Ethics, which I have signed.
  2. I will deal justly and impartially with all individuals, regardless of their physical, mental, emotional, political, economic, social, racial, or religious characteristics.
  3. I do, as a Fire Investigator, regard myself as a member of an important and honorable profession, and will strive to serve fairly in all other respects not specifically covered by this Code.
  4. I will conduct myself in such a manner as to inspire others within the profession and to retain the confidence of the general public.
  5. I will continue to work for the goals of NAFI in fostering better understanding and a closer spirit of cooperation between the various public and private law enforcement agencies and the general public throughout the United States of America.
  6. I will not use any information that might come to me during the conduct of a fire investigation for personal advantage or profit or in any way reveal confidential information in violation of the trust imposed on me.
  7. I will strive toward continuing education in my work. I will avail myself of every opportunity to improve my techniques and enlarge my experience in the field of Fire Investigation.
  8. I will not work with or provide information to persons whose goals are inconsistent with the Fire Investigator's Creed, which requires an honest and unbiased investigation.
  9. I will make no claims to professional qualifications which I do not possess.
  10. I will at all times strive to be a fact finder, seeking for the truth and attempting to determine the true and accurate cause of all fires and explosions or other occurrences which I investigate.

Code of Ethics