National Association of Fire Investigators

Group Test Registration


Would you like to offer the CFEI exam at your next meeting or training event? We would like to help. Pre-registering your group on makes the whole process easier for you and your students.

Give us the details of your testing session, such as the testing date (at least six weeks in advance), contact person, and approximate number of students. We'll assign you a customer service representative. They'll answer questions, make sure you have the correct application materials and expeditite approvals for your group.

Group Testing Details

The group contact person is responsible for:

  • Letting the applicants know they must join NAFI and have a membership number prior to sending their CFEI application.
  • Distributing CFEI application packet electronically to all group testing participants.
  • Collecting all applications for your group.
  • Looking over applications for general completeness (incomplete applications slow down the entire group.) Have they signed their application, have they answered ALL the questions, have they written narratives?
  • Ensuring that payment is included at the time of application submission: either one payment for all group applicants together or each applicant provides individual payment. Application fee is $125.00 US.
  • Sending the group application package to the Membership Services office at least four weeks prior to your testing date. It must include:
    • A completed and signed Proctor Page
    • Applicant Roster Page(s) and
    • All individual CFEI applications.
  • Making certain that the testing facility is available, clean, safe and quiet on your scheduled testing date.

Once your application package and roster are submitted, you CANNOT add more applicants to your group. Late applications will not be processed as part of your group.

You will be notified:

  • When your group testing application package is received by the NAFI office.
  • Of the status of approvals for your group -- including approved, provisional and not approved.
  • When the testing package is shipped from the Membership Services office to the proctor. We will provide you with a tracking number.

We apologize, but due to privacy concerns, we are unable to share individual test results with the group contact person. Results will be posted to the individual's membership within four weeks of completed tests arriving in the Membership Services office. Applicants will be notified by mail but can usually discover their status earlier by logging in to their membership at