The CVFI course is offered every other year as a four-day, 28-hour, NAFI-sponsored training program. Administered by the National Certification Board, the program is intended to increase the professional knowledge and improve the analytical skills of those persons who engage in the investigation and analysis of fires and explosions in motor vehicles and/or participate in the civil and criminal litigation which ensues from such investigations and analyses.

CVFI certification is a three-part process: a credentials review based on the completion of the CVFI application, attendance at a NAFI-sponsored/approved CVFI course, and successful completion of the CVFI exam.

The CVFI program is governed by the official guidelines published in the application packet. This webpage is designed to be a digest of those policies and procedures.

The CVFI Application Process

In order to qualify for the CVFI designation, applicants must complete the CVFI application and:

  • Be a NAFI member in good standing
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a high school diploma, GED or equivalent
  • Hold the CFEI designation
  • Demonstrate practical experience in vehicle fire investigation
  • Attend a NAFI-sponsored/approved Vehicle Fire Investigation Training Program

The CVFI Exam Process

The CVFI exam is given only in conjunction with an approved vehicle fire investigation course. It is NOT available by proctor.  The primary reference source for exam questions is NFPA 921.  The exam consists of 75 random questions from a pool maintained by the National Certification Board. Questions use a multiple choice/true-false format. The examination session is closed book and limited to two hours. No outside assistance or reference materials are allowed. Applicants must attain a 75% or better in order to receive the CVFI designation.


Exam Results

Exam results are recorded as pass/fail. We will notify you by mail of your results. You may be able see your results sooner by logging into your membership on Sorry, we cannot share test results over the phone.


Do's and Don'ts for CVFI Applicants

  • Do register for an approved class before submitting your application
  • Do make certain that all parts of the application are included
  • Do keep a copy of your application for your records (just in case)
  • Don't forget to sign your application
  • Don't forget to complete every section of the application
  • Don’t fax or e-mail your application – originals are required

Do's and Don'ts for Current CVFI's

  • Do get your CFEI recertification training hours every five years
  • Do keep us updated on your current address
  • Don’t let your NAFI membership lapse
  • Don't forget to brag a little!

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