Our 2024 4-Day Fire Investigation Training Program offers a broad overview of NFPA 921 and Fire Investigation concepts. This program is suitable both for newer investigators and for more advanced students.

Lectures will include:

  •         Fire Chemistry
  •         Fire Dynamics
  •         Heat & Flame Vector Analysis
  •         Origin Matrix
  •         Fire Scene Safety
  •         NFPA Code Making Process
  •         Origin and Cause Determination
  •         Diagramming the Fire Scene
  •         Basic Photography for the Fire Investigator
  •         Water Based Suppression Systems
  •         Electricity and Fire

Again For 2024!

Electronic Seminar Handouts - No more heavy books. The seminar materials will be distributed on a Thumb Drive the first day of class.

CFEI Certification

NAFI is pleased to offer the CFEI exam at the conclusion of this training program to qualified applicants. This training program in not a CFEI test prep course and attendance at this program will not guarantee approval of your CFEI application. This training program is not required for approval of the CFEI application. NAFI membership is required to apply for the CFEI. For complete requirements please refer to the CFEI application.

CFEI Recertification

This program completely satisfies the NAFI CFEI recertification requirements. No need to sit for the CFEI exam again, unless you are more then one year past due on your Re-cert.

Certified Fire Investigation Instructor (CFII)

1-day Course $250.00

This course centers on instructor methodology as it relates to the field of fire investigation. The certification examination will be held at the end of this one-day training program. The special one-day post-program seminar, offered on June 14, 2024, may also be taken separately from the main four-day program. NAFI membership and CFEI certification is required to attend this training program.

Health and Safety Measures

The health and safety of all involved are of the utmost importance at NAFI training programs. NAFI will be following the CDC and local recommendations/safety guidelines by limiting the number of registrations, following social distancing during classroom activities, and having disposable masks and hand sanitizer available. NAFI will also be working closely with the hotel regarding housekeeping and sanitizing issues. Please understand that safety requirements may change and NAFI cannot and will not go against any city, state or federal regulations, ordinances, or requirements.  

This year's program is Organized by Investigations Institute and Sponsored by NAFI.

Sheraton Madison Hotel

NAFI has worked with the hotel to receive the lowest prices with concessions available for our room block. Please understand that by booking hotel reservations outside of the NAFI room block or at another property, you may not receive some hotel/meeting concessions that are included in the special NAFI room block.

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Conference Fees

($825) A single discount is available per registration. For NAFI Members ($100), Multiple Registrations ($50), or Early Registration ($50 before January 31, 2024). Conference fees include all course materials on a thumb drive. Fees DO NOT include lodging.


Certification Exams

During this conference the following certification exams will be offered.


June 10, 2024, Monday

7 AM - 9 AM Registration

9 AM - 5 PM Main Training Program

June 11, 2024, Tuesday

8 AM - 5 PM Main Training Program

June 12, 2024, Wednesday

8 AM - 5 PM Main Training Program

June 13, 2024, Thursday

8 AM - 12:30 PM Main Training Program

1 PM - 3 PM CFEI Exam

June 14, 2024, Friday

CFII Training Program

7:30 AM - 8 AM Registration

8 AM - 5 PM CFII Training Program



Conference Details

Fees for the Training Program should be prepaid by check, or credit card. Prepaid fees are fully refundable up until May 17, 2024; thereafter, individual registrants may be substituted, but refunds will not be made. All invoices must be paid by May 17, 2024.

This registration is NOT a reservation but a commitment to attend and pay for the training program. Registrants who do not cancel or transfer their registration by May 17, 2024, will be charged a $200 Cancellation fee.

The training program will be held at the Sheraton Madison Hotel.

*By Submitting your registration you agree to be included in the training program participant list.

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About the Sheraton Madison Hotel

Book online through the hotel's website or by phone at 888-625-4988 to enjoy a special attendees-only room rate of $129.00

706 John Nolen Drive | Madison, WI 53713

Optional Textbooks

For advanced shipment of these materials please order them directly from the NAFI store

NFPA 921 - Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations (available for pick up only unless ordered through the NAFI store) $155.00

NFPA 1033 - Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigators (available for pick up only unless ordered through the NAFI store) $149.00

CFEI Study Guide - PDF Format (Emailed) $14.00

Optional Materials

The following supplemental material are available for pre-order. You may select these items on your registration form.

  • CFEI Practice Exam & Study Guide - Prepare for the CFEI Exam $14.00
  • NFPA 1033 - 2022 Edition - The newest edition of NFPA 1033! $149.00
  • NFPA 921 - 2024 Edition - It's finally here. 2024 Edition of NFPA 921. $155.00

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