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NAFI Membership


I am of the opinion that I meet the requirements for membership I am: a representative of government or of a governmental agency and any representative of a law enforcement agency or fire department, an employee of an insurance company, an adjuster, or an employee of a business or industrial concern who is actively engaged or whose interests are concerned with the investigation, control, suppression, or prevention of fires, explosions, subrogations, or kindred and related occurrences is eligible for membership or application provide such person meets other qualifications of character and fitness as decided by the Board of Governors.

Terms and Conditions

I hereby make application for membership in the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FIRE INVESTIGATORS and agree to be governed by its Constitution, By-laws and Rules.

Membership in the National Association of Fire investigators is $55.00 for a regular (uncertified) membership.

Electronic Submission

This application will be submitted to the Director of Membership Services. I understand that my membership in the National Association of Fire investigators is subject to approval by its board of directors.

I authorize a representative from the National Association of Fire Investigators to verify any answers submitted on the above form. I understand that by my electronic submission of this form I agree to be governed by the Constitution, By-Laws and Rules of the National Association of Fire Investigators.